Learn Maths for Std 7th

This course aims to teach the fundamentals of mathematics for Std VII. The teacher first covers the basics from each chapter given in the NCERT/prescribed Board textbook through a series of LIVE classes. Once a student completes the basics , they will be taught to take more advanced problems and theory that the teacher exposes them to from other text book materials. In this course the teacher’s focus is to build strong fundamentals in maths along with generating strong interest in the subject.

We make maths interesting and fun !

1,399.00 / month

Classes are held regularly and no time of his is wasted going to tuition centers. One on One classes are of great help, as Saksham's (student) math understanding has increased tremendously. The teacher with which he is studying is qualified and certified -Deepali Deshmukh. Mumbai

I had spent a lot of my time finding/shuffling home tutors and remained unsatisfied mainly due to quality. Now I am very happy with the tutor help Rajan receives, he has not only helped him academically but improved his general outlook towards studying.-Surya Narayan. Agra

  LIVE Classes video lectures

 Chapter wise and Module wise Tests and Assignments

 All LIVE class recordings are available after the LIVE class

  Slatemates LIVE learning platform can be accessed from all gadgets

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You can pay as you learn. This means that while enrolling for a course you have the option of paying for as many classes as you want. If a student is not satisfied with the teacher, we make a promise of a “Return Policy” on pro rata usage basis.

Make sure you have checked the price that has been displayed on every product : it can either be for a full course or class wise or monthly subscription.

Instead of going to a physical classroom to study, you have to switch on your device(laptop,desktop or mobile) and connect it to the internet from anywhere. You have to log into your Slatemates LIVE account and plugin your earphones in order to hear and communicate with the teacher properly. Your classes will be fixed once you enroll for a course. One has to be always on time (by logging into your Slatemates LIVE account) for every scheduled session.

“Classes are held regularly and no time  is wasted in going to tuition centers. One on One classes have been of great help, as Saksham’s (student) math understanding has increased tremendously.” –  Saksham’s Mother Mrs Sushma Deshmukh

I had spent a lot of my time finding/shuffling home tutors and remained unsatisfied mainly due to quality. Now I am very happy with the tutor help Aayush receives, learning on this platform has not only helped him academically but improved his general outlook towards studying” – Aayush’s Father

FAQ's : Frequently Asked Questions

Will Assignments and Tests be provided ?

Of course. Without assignments and tests there can be no learning enhancement. Test and assignments are integral part of your course and will be available on your course details page. We expect you to attempt tests & assignments in time and stay on track. If you need more time, please keep the teacher informed. Regular tests will be given and evaluated to ensure your good performance and continual improvement.

Yes, with the progression of basics on every topic the teacher will include higher-level problem solving by following certain important academic textbooks also by including difficult problem sets in assignments as well.

Will Assignments and Tests be Provided ?

The Slatemates LIVE learning platform has a separate Assignment section where every user (student) has access to Assignments that are dispatched timely by the respective teacher.

The learning platform also has a Test section which the teachers uses to access a student. Test types include MCQ's that are taken online,Subjective tests (here the student has to upload their answers in the portal), and other kinds of testing tools that a teacher uses to access a student's academic progress.

Yes, every student can avail up to 3 doubt classes every month apart from their regular classes.
The  learning platform records every session that the teacher has taken. So in case you miss a session you can always go to your user account where you will find the missed class recording available.
Even if you don't miss the class, after every LIVE class you will automatically receive the recording of the LIVE class in your user account.

Connect instantly from any device

Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to meet with your tutor when you need to.

The Platform

The Slatemates LIVE Learning Platform makes sure that the teacher and students engage in live, passionate discussion in our virtual Classrooms which is collaborative and in real time. It enables students to segregate Topic wise online lectures ,tests and assignments.It is a holistic playground for students where each student activity is well documented.

Learn better with technology

You’ll like our digital classroom. Meet your tutor using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Speak, chat, write, draw, send files, and replay your tutoring sessions any time! All tutoring session recordings are available post every LIVE class.

Better Marks Guaranteed.

With Slatemates Live Platform, you get access to certified academic experts who ensure that you get the best tutoring experience. An expert teacher prepares a personalised smart study plan which directly translates in improved academic performance

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