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Save your travel time going to tuition classes . With Slatemates LIVE Platform , you can bring teachers home. Take  online tuitions from the comfort of your home.



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School programs :Grades 6th to 12th

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Offering Course for Grades 6-12.

With Slatemates Live Platform, you get access to certified academic experts who ensure that you get the best tutoring experience. An expert teacher prepares a personalised smart study plan which directly translates in improved academic performance Courses | Register

Save your travel time going to tuition classes . Study in an Organized manner & bring your teachers home. Book your classes now and study from the comfort of your home. Courses | Register
  SLatemates LIVE Learning Platform makes sure that the teacher and students engage in live, passionate discussion in our virtual Classrooms which is collaborative and in real time. The classes are very cost effective and runs on a subscription model. Pay as you learn is our motto. A student can request for a refund anytime or pro rata basis. Courses | Register

Each of us at Slatemates LIVE is a pixel, one of the many points of illumination needed to create, in our case, not an image but a remarkable community of bright minds and innovative spirit united by technology and a commitment to be extraordinary.The Slatemates difference is that our teachers are professional educators who hold a teaching license, master’s, or PhD. We find the best tutors, so you get the best tutoring Courses | Register

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Our Learning platform is all what a student needs from a dynamic online tutoring space to a space where you find all your notes,past lectures, tests and assignments.. Find an online tutor for your personal learning needs. Sign up and start getting better grades today.Students are unanimous in praising our instructors, most of whom hold Ph.D.’s in their fields of study; all of whom are chosen for that academic expertise and for their passion teaching highly talented students at an advanced middle school, high school, and college level in our distinctive online environment.

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” One amazing feature is that I always lost my answer sheets and question papers…misplaced them…but by uploading all pdf’s in my Slatemates LIVE profile.Another feature which I find very useful is Continuous Announcements made by the teacher.This helps me keep a track of the week.”

Rohit Dadia

Grade 12



What Parents are Saying

“Every Home tutor that came home to teach was not refined with respect to quality.My child studies in a good school so the environment/teaching style that a home tutor was providing her was very redundant and old.I wanted my child to learn from a good educated teacher..”

Anubha Agarwal


“We feel that our child has developed a good interest in Maths and science which was lacking earlier,all thanks to his Slatemates LIVE teachers.”

Mukta Pahwa


“Learning LIVE online has saved so much time for my child who is in std 10th.The class wise payments make it easy for us to take a class when my child needs help instead of getting completely dependent on a tutor.”



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